Jammed Hurdling

Jammed Hurdling (3ft closer)

Jammed Hurdling (3ft closer)

Jammed Hurdling (3ft closer)

These will be the majority of workouts that you perform as a Sprint-Hurdler. This is full-speed hurdling with the hurdles only a few feet closer. Putting the hurdles closer allows you to force a faster rhythm in between the barriers, and makes up for the lack of adrenaline experienced in track meets.

For simplicity sake;

Jammed 1 = 1ft closer

Jammed 2 = 2ft closer

Jammed 3 = 3ft closer


Discounting Hurdles

To discount (move closer together) the hurdles;

  1. place them on their normal race-distance
  2. measure off 1 or more feet closer to the starting line
  3. measure double that amount for the next hurdle (this will keep the distance consistent between the hurdles)