7-Stepping workouts are a great way to solidify a true SPRINT through the hurdles.

Most (80%) of hurdlers will ‘bail-out’ during the 7-step zone, and will need multiple repetitions to successfully perform the workout, this is OK and it is important to keep patience should it take you multiple attempts at the workout.


Set 6 hurdles on the track @2ft closer

Hurdle 1 = normal

Hurdle 2 = 2ft closer

Hurdle 3 = 4ft closer

Hurdle 4 = 6ft closer

Hurdle 5 = 8ft closer

Hurdle 6 = 10ft closer

This setup is called Jammed 2.

Now to turn this workout into a 7-Step workout, simply remove ONE of the hurdles off the track.


Hurdle 1

Hurdle 2

Hurdle 3

Hurdle 4


Hurdle 6

In this example the 5th hurdle is removed, and the athletes will have enough space to take 7-Steps in between the 4th and 6th hurdles.