Coach Cotto

Hello sprint hurdlers, coaches, parents, and fans! My name is Hector Cotto and I created in 2014 to help the hundreds, and thousands, and millions of hurdlers around the world looking for tips, drills, workouts, and all the knowledge they need to run faster in the hurdles.

My goal is to help you RUN FASTER.

That is it.

I graduated from Green Hope High School in 2002

I graduated from East Carolina University in 2007

I competed in my first Olympic Games in 2008

I competed in my second Olympic Games in 2012

and now my goal is to teach you everything I have learned and know works.

Through this website, my Facebook Fanpage, Youtube, and Instagram channels I will continue to share anything and everything that I know will help you succeed as a hurdler.

The 110m hurdlers are the EASIEST event to succeed in #1 – Because nobody even dares.

That alone gives you an advantage

Advantage #2 – You don’t have to be the absolute fastest to win. Through technical and rhythm training you can dominate your event, and that is precisely what I will be teaching you here.

Advantage #3 – not many coaches know the hurdles. The biggest challenge as a hurdler, is finding a good hurdles coach. I had the-best coaches in the world, but I got lucky. 100m coaches, high jump coaches, distance coaches and the like can all do what they can to help you run faster, but only a true HURDLES coach can help you in these here 110m hurdles. Hurdling is a skill and will take you many years to perfect, but with my help I guarantee you’ll continue to set personal bests until the day you retire from the sport.

All in all I am here to help. I hope you enjoy the videos and training content, and if you would like to learn more I cover Hurdle Technique and more in the Complete Course on Hurdling


Thank you!

-Coach Cotto