Speed Training – Day 4 – 30 + 30

30 + 30 is a;
30 meter all-out sprint + a 30 meter bounce.

This is your introduction to Speed training and this workout I learned from studying the late-great Charlie Francis of Canada.

Place cones at 30m and 60m

PUSH as HARD and as FAR as possible through 30 meters

then BOUNCE nice-and-easy through 60m (No need to try and run faster)


You should use ALL of your energy before 30 meters…

Collapsing to the Weight

This is the stride you give when you are “tired” or do not feel like running.

Rather than propel yourself forward,
you are allowing your weight to collapse into every step
trying to “use less” energy, and not work.

In the image above you can see Alvin “collapsing to the weight”. He has decided to ease up and slow down after passing the cones, and upon collapsing to the weight loses his bounce.
This is precisely what you do NOT want to do.

HOLD the bounce past the first set of cones at 30m, and all the way through the second 30m zone.

This is the first sprint workout I use to teach my high schoolers how to sprint.
30m + 30m
3mins rest
30m + 30m
3mins rest
30m + 30m
3mins rest

You should do as many reps as you can until the times get noticeably slower.

Rep 1 = 3.55
Rep 2 = 3.65
Rep 3 = 3.49
Rep 4 = 3.48
Rep 5 = 3.55
Rep 6 = 3.72
Rep 7 = 3.69

END workout.
This workout can and should be performed on Grass or Turf if very early in the season.
This workout can and should be performed in sneakers before spikes
This workout can and should be performed in spikes from a 3/4pt stance before blocks

How do I know I am DRIVING properly??

You will know that your drive phase is coming together, when you begin to feel a “release” through 30 meters.

You will feel like you transitioned perfectly to top-speed IF and ONLY IF you PUSH as hard as possible all the way through 30 meters.

When you do it right, you will literally FEEL a new level of speed as you transition through 30 meters.

Of course this workout is in preparation for true speed work (60s and 80s) later in the season, and the emphasize should be on PUSHING and not feeling fast.


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Run Fast.
Make Them Chase You.

-Coach Cotto