Speed Training – Day 3 – 4x4x100m

Today we will look at the first true sprint workout.

This workout is
1. very simple
2. very effective
3. very boring

This is the workout we performed every Monday back in 2010 when I trained with Coach McGill, and it is very-very good at preparing you for the full-speed stuff that you will do later in the season.

Place cones at 20 meters


This is the perfect opportunity to work on that bounce from the previous two workouts.
The execution is simple

1. DRIVE for the first 20 meters
2. BOUNCE to the finish line (80 meters)

Once you cross the finish line at 100 meters, you immediately turn around and TROT back to the starting line.

There is exactly 90 seconds rest between repetitions, and the sooner you return to the line, the more time you get to stand around and wait for 90 seconds to pass.

You should begin the season running the 100 repeats approximately 5 seconds slower than your personal best, and take off 0.5s per week.

Week 1 = 4x4x100 @ 16.00 seconds
Week 2 = 4x4x100 @ 15.50s
Week 3 = 4x4x100 @ 15.00s
Week 4 = 4x4x100 @ 14.50s

You should NOT be running your hardest all the way down the track,
IF you are, then the pace is too fast and you should aim for slower times.


As fatigue sets in, you will have to push FURTHER in order to maintain the same easy-bounce to the finish line.


Round 1 you will drive to 20 meters, and make 16.00 seconds easy
Round 2 you may find that you are running 16.50 second with a drive of only 20m,
for this reason I suggest you DRIVE for an extra 5 meters every round.

Round 1 = 20 meters
Round 2 = 25 meters
Round 3 = 30 meters
Round 4 = 35 meters


Running off the bounce should feel like “chill mode”.

You are literally nottryingtorunfaster, but instead maintain speed and momentum through the bounce.

Again, you should be landing on a lock-leg (or almost locked, at the knee), on the toes and it should feel smooth, easy, and powerful.

Apply this workout early in the week, and you’ll soon find that your legs actually feel fresher and more ready for speed the day after (after you are in shape that is).

Round 1 should feel too easy
Round 2 should feel kind of worked
Round 3 should no longer like the workout
Round 4 you should be glad that this boring long a$$ workout is over with

Have fun, go work on that bounce!

Run Fast.
Make Them Chase You.

-Coach Cotto

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      It is no hard work Ivon! I love the hurdles, so I’m just doing what I love! But thank you! I hope the information is helping you on the track!

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