Speed Training Day 2 Rotary Circuit

Speed Training – Day 2 – Rotary Circuit

Today we will look at the best workout for ingraining good SprintMechanics. I learned this circuit while working with Coach Alfredo Schery in 2012 and it is a workout I use often with my beginner athletes, as I teach them the art of sprinting.

Place cones at the start line
Place cones at 5 meters
Place cones at 10 meters
Place cones at 20 meters
Place cones at 40 metes

Exercise 1:

Perform Straight-Legs from 0-20 meters,
Then transition into a stride from 20-40 meters.

Return and repeat, now from 40-20 meters (straight leg),
Then 20-0 meters (transition to stride).

(the stride-off will improve with reps)

Down and back = 1 rep

Perform 4 repetitions, and then rest 1 minute.

Exercise 2:

Perform Rotary from 0-5 meters,
Then high-knees from 5-20 meters.

Down = 1 rep
Walk back and start again from the starting line.

4 Repetitions total and then rest 3 minutes.

**The key when transitioning to High-Knees is to keep the same timing as rotary.
Complete the leg-cycle in mid-air and land-on-the-bounce.


So here is the workout;

Round 1 –
4 reps of Straight-Legs—>Stride
rest 1 minute
4 reps of Rotary—>High Knees
Rest 3 minutes
Repeat 4 Rounds total

**I would suggest only 3 rounds on Day 1, and then 4 rounds thereafter.

I would suggest performing this workout at LEAST 1x a week, preferably 2x Tuesday-Thursday works good for me.

This workout will never be fun,
Athletes never enjoy it.
It’s not hard, but its hard.


Practice it until it looks A+ and I guarantee you’ll run faster.

Run Fast.
Make Them Chase You.

-Coach Cotto

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