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1 Workout to 3 Step in the Sprint Hurdles

This is the workout that all of my hurdlers perform at the beginning of the season, and is THE workout for helping new hurdlers learn the 3-step rhythm in a matter of a few sessions.



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You can learn the complete progression of workouts for beginners in The Sprint Hurdles System Youth!

  • cvccterry

    Applause! Applause!
    The amount of information and the manner in which you have organized it is simply mind blowing Coach Cotto! We are parents of two hurdles and the revelation of this information helped us realize that they have not been exposed to well informed hurdle coaches!
    Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and expertise!

    • hcotto

      Thank you! I hope this helps your two hurdlers run faster! You should look through The Sprint Hurdles System – Youth, here on the website for the complete progression of workouts for youth hurdlers! Good luck! Keep me updated!

    • ld

      best one yet!!!!!

      what about teaching 8 strides to the first hurdle on day 1 / 2??

      coach ld

  • sofccwarriors

    How do I download the book? When I click on the link, it makes me create an amazon account. Did I do something wrong?

    • hcotto

      The book is only available at amazon. You will need a kindle ereader to read it, but yo can download that software for free on amazon.com
      I hope this helps!

  • Dennis Ludwig

    I like what I see here, Coach. I coach High School hurdlers but also work w/Jr. High athletes in the summer. Have an 8th Grader that I think this will be perfect for. Can’t wait to try in w/her.

  • JC

    We’ve learned so much from your course Coach Cotto over the past year and still learning much more! We are from down under Australia. My son only started hurdling 1 year ago and all I can say your training techniques helped my son become the 100mH state champion of Victoria. He later placed 6th in the Australian Junior Championships 2017. It was a huge achievement for him considering he has only been competing in the 100mh for less than 12months. His next goal is to get a medal in next years nationals when transitioning to the 110m hurdles. Keep up the great work!

    • hcotto

      Awesome! Keep up the great work! I’m glad the course has helped! What is your sons biggest challenge at the moment with the hurdles? Share a link to a race of his on Youtube if you get a chance so I can take a look and give you some feedback! Thank You!