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Speed Training – Day 1 – The Bounce

If the 1-step drill is the Holy Grail of Hurdle Technique

Straight Legs are the Holy Grail of Speed

The bounce that you produce when your leg is extended as far as possible (straight-legs), is your MAX

It is your max power applied in a millisecond

Full-Extension begins at the hips and ends at the toes, and you must learn to apply all of your power from this very exaggerated position if you ever truly wish to run your fastest.

Exercise #1:

Stand up tall and bounce up and down off 1 foot at a time.

bend your knees


Now, very slowly – without bending the knees – move forward.

This drill is called straight legs and is your foundation for Speed.

Over time, you want to work to move forward easier, bouncier, and covering more ground with every single stride.


Now I want you to stand at the top of some stairs.

Exercise #2:

Take 1-step forward and fall to your forward foot.

Now do so again, trying to land with a locked-knee at touch-down.

Notice that your body instinctively points the toes down in preparation for contact with the ground?

Now continue down the stairs, ensuring to land on this hard-bounce, keeping good balance and timing.


Now I want you to finish at the bottom of the stairs with a stride off

Exercise 3:

Stride forward 15-30 meters, trying to exaggerate the stride and “Land on the bounce” as you did coming down the stairs.

You must exaggerate finishing the complete stride in mid-air so that you land on the leg-completely locked and on the bounce.

It should feel easy
It should feel smooth
It should feel powerful

This is the bounce.

(or the beginning of)


Apply these 3 exercises today in practice for the beginnings of your speed training.

In this training series you are going to learn how to run off of this BOUNCE,
and most importantly you will learn how to move off of it asfastashumanlypossible for reallife improvements in your top-speed (100 meter time).

Tomorrow you will learn a circuit that is designed to further improve your sprint mechanics, and make the rest of the training come together that much quicker.

Stay tuned for tomorrows workout in which you will learn the circuit to ingrain proper Sprint-Mechanics, and begin developing the bounce as a sprinter.

Run Fast.
Make Them Chase You.

-Coach Cotto

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  1. I just want to let you know that in fund your videos and your website amazing. You are an inspired and inspiring hurdles coach.
    Jeng, Singapore. 49 years, Masters Athlete.

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      Thank you! I’m glad the information is helping! Are you competing this summer? How’s your season going so far?

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  2. great easy drills to help athletes and caoches with sprinting well done easy progressive tips keep them coming do these 35 years now works superbly for all ages

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      Thank you! I have a couple more I’ll be releasing soon. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date! Thank you!

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  3. Hey Coach, Your program is the most comprehensive of all that I have studied. I like the way you show the big picture, but then take us step by step from beginning to end. Great Job!
    1992 U.S. Olympian, Triple Jump

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  4. The instructions have been spot on and have been the foundation to my 10 year old son in a 2 month period going from a 17.8 to a 15.1 in the 80 m hurdles. Instructions are easy to follow and love the technical aspects followed with videos.

  5. I have been coaching high school track and field for 42 years. I have given quite a few clinics on hurdling, also. The one area of hurdling that I have had the most trouble coaching throughout my career is teaching “the average hurdler” how to 3-step. After moving the hurdles in then out for my athletes, I often felt that I got to a certain point when only my best athletes succeeded at 3-stepping. I feel that most clinicians and coaches who speak and write about hurdling stay away from 3-stepping.
    Well, Coach Cotto has created the most comprehensive program on teaching hurdlers to succeed at 3-stepping and becoming the best possible hurdlers possible. By comprehensive, I mean that I have learned that there is more than just moving hurdles in and out and hope your hurdlers learn how to 3-step; Coach Cotto’s drills and techniques work.
    I literally used “everything” that Coach Cotto has put together this past outdoor season, and my athletes had more fun hurdling than ever before.
    Any coach (novice or veteran) who has to teach hurdles should go to “” and use Coach Cotto’s materials. I can’t wait to use his “Advanced Training” techniques next season. Everything I have purchased has been well worth the price (which, in reality, is not very expensive!)
    Coach Cotto is a master teacher and writer, and his hurdling program has breathed “new life” into the way I coach my hurdlers.
    Thank you Coach Cotto!

  6. Bro – your material is on point! I just found the site and I’m loving it. I have 8 hurdlers from 11-14 and they are great in practice during everything from 5 stepping and more, but in the meets 3 stepping has just been the holy grail that isn’t consistent for anyone and I’ve felt like I’ve failed them. Can’t wait until nationals are over this week so we can take a short break and get going with your 12 week program!

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