All-American in 14 Months – Alexis Sumpter

Alexis Sumpter learned to hurdle only 14 months ago. She learned to take 8-steps to the 1st hurdle She learned to 3-steps in between the rest of them, and she did well enough to run a best of 13.12s over the 80 meter hurdles, at the USATF Youth National Championships. That was last year. This season she picked up where …

Speed Training – Day 5 – 5x200m

This was the staple of the East Carolina Men’s Track and Field team back when I was competing and the late-great Bill Carson was the head coach. Every single Tuesday we had 6-8x 200m sprints I told you in The Rhythm Training series that during my second season at ECU I decided to step it up, and decided to train …

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Speed Training – Day 4 – 30 + 30

30 + 30 is a; 30 meter all-out sprint + a 30 meter bounce. This is your introduction to Speed training and this workout I learned from studying the late-great Charlie Francis of Canada. Workout: Place cones at 30m and 60m PUSH as HARD and as FAR as possible through 30 meters then BOUNCE nice-and-easy through 60m (No need to …

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Speed Training – Day 3 – 4x4x100m

Today we will look at the first true sprint workout. 4x4x100 This workout is 1. very simple 2. very effective 3. very boring This is the workout we performed every Monday back in 2010 when I trained with Coach McGill, and it is very-very good at preparing you for the full-speed stuff that you will do later in the season. …

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Speed Training Day 2 Rotary Circuit

Speed Training – Day 2 – Rotary Circuit

Today we will look at the best workout for ingraining good Sprint–Mechanics. I learned this circuit while working with Coach Alfredo Schery in 2012 and it is a workout I use often with my beginner athletes, as I teach them the art of sprinting. Place cones at the start line Place cones at 5 meters Place cones at 10 meters Place …

1 workout to 3step img

1 Workout to 3 Step in the Sprint Hurdles

This is the workout that all of my hurdlers perform at the beginning of the season, and is THE workout for helping new hurdlers learn the 3-step rhythm in a matter of a few sessions. Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below! You can learn the complete progression of workouts for beginners in The Sprint Hurdles System Youth!

Stride off bounce

Speed Training – Day 1 – The Bounce

If the 1-step drill is the Holy Grail of Hurdle Technique Straight Legs are the Holy Grail of Speed The bounce that you produce when your leg is extended as far as possible (straight-legs), is your MAX It is your max power applied in a millisecond Full-Extension begins at the hips and ends at the toes, and you must learn …